Christmas in 2020!

Oh boy - who would have thought we would make it intact towards Christmas 2020? What a year it has been indeed, in so many ways.  And as we begin to think about how we will celebrate Christmas 2020, I hope that some thought will be given to more sustainable earth friendly products that nurture ourselves as well as this beautiful planet we get to call home.

I have spent much of 2020 reviewing how I can take Naturally Herbal forward to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly as well as benefiting our clients' well-being.  As a family, we have helped celebrate Associated Bottlers Company of Swappa Crate fame, celebrate 100 years of refill and reuse bottles and crates. A family member works there and shared with us that for every 1 bottle ABC have calculated it saves 39 more going to refill over a 10 year period. That is massive and well worth celebrating. Well done ABC for showing it can be done - for over 100 years.

So we are reviewing our bottles for Castile Liquid Soap and how we can be more sustainable with them. Possibly a return and refill service in the pipeline? Our jars are glass and we are delighted when customers return these to be sterilised and refilled, with a discount of $1.00 for every jar returned on their next purchase. We can't reuse the plastic lids but I am always on the lookout for alternatives. Our lipbalms are now in tin containers rather than plastic ones. Every little helps.

I have just put up on the store https://www.naturallyherbal.co... some Christmas gift sets as well as our usual Aches Away and Skin Soothers Sets.  For November and December these can be made up in Brown Paper bags with or without festive decorations - if you order online, just drop me a note to info@naturallyherbal.co.nz telling me your preference and I can organise this.  The boxes will also be available this coming weekend at Mt Eden Village Craft Market Saturday 14 November 2020 10am to 4pm Facebook page

One final thing - a stall that complete captured my imagination and enthusiasm for all things reuse and recycle is Yotti - re purposing sails into bags of all shapes and sizes.  They were at Titirangi Village Market last month and I just had to buy the bag below - from a sail off the superyacht Mystere. Perhaps the closest I will ever get to a superyacht!! 

A precious gift of re purposing into something equally as useful with a lifetime of use ahead.  Find them at https://yotti.co.nz/

Thanks to all our customers this year for your enthusiasm and support of our products and services.  May we all move in to 2021 having survived the ride of 2020!

Christmas Gift Boxes 2020


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