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A Flower Essence blend specially created by Gill of Naturally Herbal for these Strange Times we are all currently living through. Following on from her successful blog post (her first ever!), Gill has been requested to make the Strange Times blend created to support through these changing days.

Do you feel anxious, overwhelmed, fearful, frustrated, dejected, even a bit gloomy at what has happened and what is supposedly yet to come? These precious Essences may support with the positive vibrations of the plants.  Gill has created a blend for these times to help sustain you through the challenges and changes, cope with the shocks and uncertainties and bring a little light relief and joy through allowing the plants to support you.

Strange Times Blend is made up of the following in Spring Water and Brandy (Preservative) in 20mls bottles:

Cherry Plum – when the stresses of anxiety, working hard and no respite of working/caring during pandemic times become almost overwhelming, this gentle, open flower offers support to relax, be open and rest easier, regaining one’s composure.

Olive – from the warm sunny climes of the Mediterranean, this tree, which offers Omega 3 in its olive fruit to support immunity and anti-inflammatory response, has an essence that brings regeneration after periods of intense physical or mental effort and exhaustion.

Mimulus - the fears of every day life and how things are continually changing can threaten to overwhelm our ability to cope. Mimulus brings out our personal courage and bravery and the ability to use the resources we have to move forward  calmly and with courage.

Star of Bethlehem - known as the Comfort Flower and a key component in the Rescue Remedy, this beautiful essence brings comfort during periods of shock, allowing the body and mind to calm and re-orientate to the "new normal" circumstances of this pandemic.

White Chestnut - with so much uncertainty, it can be difficult to quieten the mind and rest. White Chestnut offers support for mental clarity and stillness allowing solutions to come through and sleep when the mind is disturbed with unrelenting thoughts and worries.

Please note - these flower essences do not treat mental well-being issues. If you are feeling the need for additional support, please seek advice from a qualified healthcare professional.  As a degree qualified naturopath, Gill is able to tailor treatments to your personal needs as well as refer on to medical professionals where required. Contact her today via Contact.

Strange TImes Flower Essence Blend may support a return to more balanced outlook and readiness for each day as this pandemic unfolds. Flower Essences do not interfere with any other treatment modality and can be safely prescribed to children as well as adults, pets and even plants.

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