Christmas Gift Boxes 2020

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Christmas is coming .........

Looking for an Health-Friendly, Eco-Friendly and Sustainable gift?

Add one of our gift boxes to your order, you choose from the 3 different sizes available as specified and we will package your goodies up with a note for your recipient.

No plastic packaging, just a simple cardboard box with shredded kraft paper packing, tied with twine and a little note.

And if you would like to add a personalised note all you need to do is reply to your order confirmation with your words for the intended recipient and we will include it with the gift box.

If you need help choosing some items, please reach out.

Pink Box - Small size contains  - 1x 250ml Castile Soap, 2x 60mls handcream (lavendar/rose) and Calendula ointment.

Brown Box - Medium size contains - 1x 100g Castile Soap, 1x 60mls Calendula ointment, 1 Set Beeswax wraps, 1 unfragranced lipbalm.

Star print Box - Large Size contains - 1x 500ml Castile, 3x 60mls handcream (lavendar/rose), Calendula ointment and Chamomile Ointment, 1 set Beeswax wraps and 1x unfragranced lipbalm.

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