Rawgonite Pyramids - Energy Support

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ALL SOLD 2/12/23  -   A NEW RANGE COMING IN THE NEW YEAR WITH POSSIBLY DIFFERENT FLOWER ESSENCES tbc.  If you are after a specific one, please get in contact.

A family of Rawgonite pyramids created in collaboration with the Naturally Herbal Flower Essence Nettle.  The energy from these is simply Divine - powerful and clear, clean energy. Peaceful, gentle and incredibly useful for Creating and Holding Boundaries in gracious and elegant ways

Probably best to see these in person at one of our markets as I've found when the person they are intended for connects with them, they seem to light up. It's quite spectacular to watch happen.

✨️✨️✨️Nettle and Obsidian - BOUNDARIES ✨️✨️✨️

For a review of how these came into being and why they are special - check out the blog post on Nettle Pyramids.

Featuring a mixture of Obsidian, snowflake obsidian, gold and mica gold, Orgonite Resis and

Rawgonite 'White Magic' with Titanium dioxide, Diatomaceous earth, Ormus. Copper Flakes 

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