Nettle and Obsidian Raw Orgonite Pyramids

A collaboration of Flower Essences created by Naturally Herbal and Orgonite Pyramids by Raw Orgonite – a friendship birthing new creations for the support and wellbeing of those who seek to change energy patterns in and around them.

Nettle Flower Essence – a plant that stands separately from others, reviewed as a nuisance except when needed for the minerals contained within for tea, tincture and even soups. Spend sometime with the plant and you might see more about her. Prickly looking leaves, tall straight stems, flowers that look like the Spring flowers of the Willow tree, not necessarily beautiful in the conventional sense but so elegant for insects to gather nectar and pollinate. The flowers stand tall above the nettle bed. She is elegant, ethereal, celestial bringing Light and Space and highest vibrations.

It is a plant of boundaries – treat with respect and there are no consequences. Violate and you will know her presence. So too with the flower essence. It supports the setting of and holding clear and firm those boundaries.  She is alike a “Fair Maiden” standing tall and clear, firm and elegant and very sure of herself. She knows her purpose and why she is here. She brings Cleansing Light to Dark Souls. She brings Boundaries where there have been none, so that each may know themselves and yet also see themselves in the collective with delineated boundaries holding their own space – not subsumed by others.

Obsidian or Snowflake Obsidian - It was clear that the crystal content needed to match the highest vibrations of the Nettle Flower Essence and Obsidian stepped forward – both Pure and Snowflake Obsidian. A crystal formed in volcanic environments, born from within the Earth’s core bringing Clarity of Being. Obsidian brings grounding and strength, clarity for cutting through old energetic patterns and deceit of yore. The Nettle calls forth the minerals to stand and clear, cleanse and transmute through Radiant Divine Light. 

These pyramids are Clearing and Cleansing.

Balance of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine.


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