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Activated Charcoal Castile Soap Cube

Ok, confession – I was not expecting this.

We created, for fun, an Activated Charcoal Castile Soap like our Pure and Herbal Castile soap cubes along with French Green Clay. I’ll admit, Activated Charcoal has not been a best seller (Calendula and Pure) and several have languished in our market box. Having just finished the French Clay – which I love for its creamy texture, I thought to take out an Activated Charcoal and try it.

Boy, I wish I had done so sooner!

Why? First, let me explain the conventional understanding of Activated Charocal - known for its purifying properties, internally as a binder for toxins (under medical supervision) and externally as a skin treatment drawing toxins to the surface. And that’s why we created this particular cubed soap – to draw out toxins on the skin.

And, to be honest, that’s how I perceived it. It’s not really sold online or at markets and that’s ok. Sometimes things take off and other times they don’t. But my recent experience with it……. Wow, just wow!

Not because of any great cleansing powers – and to be honest it does dry out my skin needing a little more of our unscented body lotion to soothe the dryness - but for another reason altogether.

Here comes the woowoo – energetically this soap is a dream for me. Nothing has been able to keep me grounded for any period of time these past few months. No amount of Epsom salt footspas, prayer, singing, barefoot walking, green walking/forest bathing, beach and sea walks – none of this has acted quite like this little soap.

My first use in the shower – I felt as if all the electrical charges around me were neutralised. Hard to really explain, but it felt that when the soap touched my skin, little circuits were broken. It instantly made me feel calmer and more grounded. Everything that was jangly and electric was defused. It was eye-opening and exciting.

I thought it was a one off but no, after repeated uses, I can say this is a little gem. Herbs help to calm, flower essences help to shift, homeopathy supports but this acts as the circuit breaker on the skin. This little black cube of soapiness is wonderful at grounding me.

Let’s be clear though, this soap doesn’t foam – like all true castile soaps should. It gentle lathers with water and the charcoal makes it very black.  Castile soaps in showers need to be taken out after use to allow them to dry as they absorb moisture but I find that a hassle and leave mine there knowing I can always make more. But really, they are best on the pottery soap dish away from a steaming shower to make them last.

So, I am now experimenting with a liquid activated charcoal castile soap. Philip isn’t convinced – getting it into and staying in solution is a challenge, but I will make a small batch and see what happens. I will also make another batch of solid cubes – these will take time to mature.

I’ll be fascinated to hear your experiences with this little soap cube.  Just remember, based on my experience, if used daily you will probably need to moisturise – my skin became a little dried out after 3 days use. But oh, it felt good to clear the electromagnetic field around me!

So if you are interested here’s the link to what I have in stock right now of solid Castile soaps. And a link to lotions and soap dishes too.

Watch this space for more woowoo updates!

The natural world -  just beautiful. Thanks


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