Sparkle, Sparkle. Shiny, Shiny - Pyramids

Sparkle and Energy - Organite Pyramids from Rawgonite (Raw Orgonite & Crystals | Linktree)

Sparkle, Sparkle. Shiny, Shiny. Who doesn’t love a bit of fairy dust and sparkle? You will often find me standing outside the new Jimmy Choo shop in Auckland, entranced with all that glitters. The little girl inside of me is in rapture at so much sparkle!

And the same could be said of my first encounter with these little pyramids in June 2022 at Titirangi Village Market. I was mesmerised and a tad overwhelmed. Sparkle, Sparkle. Shiny, Shiny. It was like fairy dust on steroids. I had to walk away as choosing was too hard.

But I couldn’t let it go. Later I went back, squatted down and really looked at the range of Orgonite Pyramids on offer.  Being mindful of my situation, I chose the smallest one (above).

And isn’t it a wee cracker? Black tourmaline, citrine and clear quartz crystals with gold and silver flakes in epoxy resin. Tiny but very powerful and able to hold its own in a very confused electrical house.

There is much written about the various benefits of Orgonite Pyramids, Pyramids in general and all things orgone, esoteric and etheric – just try a Google search. According to Rawgonite, “Orgone energy is similar to what the Ancients called prana, chi or universal energy. Orgone can be amplified by layering organic and inorganic materials that harness this vital life force energy.”

Proving this in the conventional way is tricky and as a Naturopath, I am mindful of our profession’s need for evidence-based approach to all things wellness. However, I am also learning to own my energy abilities. We are all energy, we all have electrical currents flowing through our bodies and we are all affected by the actions and reactions of all things on this planet, natural or manmade, current or ancient.

Too many of us live in a sleep-like state, going through the motions of life, the family, the home, the friends, the holidays with expectations and demands that these continue unceasingly, without regard for consequences of said energy demands. Laptops, mobile phones, cars, planes, tv and entertainment on demand, bigger and bigger houses and “status”. All things are energy and all things take energy to create. In a time of deficit comes energy dissonance. More consumer goods, more energy demands, perhaps, has tipped us into more pronounced energy dissonance now.

Being “aware” is about connection, about resolving that which is dissonant within you, then radiating that energy out into the world. Being well is more than no medicine or bandages, surgery or therapeutics or even all things naturopathic. Being well is the understanding we are all connected and that in that connection when there is pain, we offer solace, when there is hurt, we bring companionship, when there is disconnect, we bring connection.

And that I think is the gift of these Rawgonite Pyramids.

Connection to all things electrical in harmony and resonance.

How? – I have no idea, but I do know that energetically these Rawgonite Pyramids are powerful but incredibly gentle. They do not overwhelm or unbalance. They bring resonance and joy. There seems to be a transformation – not tangible or overtly measurable – of negative energies transformed/transmuted into positive energies. A happier home, a more enjoyable workplace, quieter pets, peaceful dreams, are some claims made for orgonite products. Hard to quantify exactly with my own small Rawgonite Pyramid, but I will note the electrics did not go haywire like I feared.

These pyramids are different to crystals – more powerful, in my opinion, for energy balance and I think that is due to the minerals that go alongside them. The copper, the silver, the gold.  Which brings me back to Sparkle, Sparkle. Shiny, Shiny.

I adore them for this alone – such joy, such fun, such connection. Divine.

Want to choose your own Rawgonite Pyramid? I have curated a selection for Naturally Herbal for their Sparkle and Energy - online in my store or visit me at Titirangi Village Market, Auckland.


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