Bwraps - food wraps




Handcrafted from cotton gingham and raw beeswax, these are a fantastic eco-friendly addition to the kitchen food storage.

  • Wraps are suitable for storing cheese, fruit and vegetables, sandwiches, and covering bowls of food.   Different colours to help distinguish things in the fridge or cupboard.

  • They are not recommended for storing meats (raw or cooked) as they cannot be washed at a high enough heat to sanitise them.

  • We suggest after each use washing down with a clean cold cloth and a small amount of castile soap before rinsing clean and standing to air dry before next use. 

  • The heat of your hands melts the wax to take the shape of the item being wrapped.

  • With care, we expect our wraps to last 3 - 6 months and suggest replacing after 6 months if heavy use (they are biodegradable).

Sizes: (approximately, may vary slightly)

  • Small | 16cm x 16cm (Suitable for small jars/bowls)
  • Medium |  24cm x 24cm  (Suitable for sandwiches)
  • Large | 32cm x 32cm (Suitable for casseroles and larger bowls)

Our own personal need for beeswax wraps and having the raw beeswax on-hand for our ointments and skincare products, led to the launch of Bwrap beeswax wraps. We chose gingham cotton because of the range of colours allows for greater food safety in the kitchen.  We have kept them affordable (they are really labour intensive) to make them accessible to as meany people as possible encouraging their use over plastic clingfilm.


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