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Flower Essence Blend 1

Trust in the World Transition Blend I

Created in 2020 for the turbulent times of upheaval, uncertainty and anxiety, this blend is still as relevant today for those needing support beyond the original Bach Rescue Remedy. Containing 6 of Bach's individual flower essences, the blend provides support for shock, anxiety, despair and exhaustion.

Flower essences in Brandy and Spring Water.

dosage: Taking 4 drops up to 4 times daily in water this blend will help one find some stability and ease with changes occurring.

Trust in the World Transition Blend II

Created in 2022 and 2023 with a combination of Bach and Naturally Herbal's own newly created flower essences to provide support in a world full of conflict and upheaval. Naturally Herbal now has 5 of its own unique Flower Essences that are created to sit with Bach Flower essence range - more information is on the Flower Essence page here.

This blend provides strength, joy, Light, with clear thinking, ease of flow and ability to make decisions based on clear thinking.

Flower essences in Brandy and Spring Water:

Queensland Kauri, White Manuka, Pink Manuka, Red Chestnut, Rock Water, Scleranthus.

Dosage: 2 drops up to four times daily as you adjust to the new frequencies in Naturally Herbal Flower Essences then up to 4 drops 4 times daily in water.

Trust in the World Transition Blend III

Created in 2022 and 2023, these unique to Naturally Herbal Flower Essence range cross continents and seas to bring the fine filaments of energy these precious plants and trees emanate. (More information here.)

Created initially for self exploration/development, these are now offered as individual stock essences (here) or this unique blend that brings strength, Light, joy and clarity of self and boundaries. 

It's hard to describe fully the energetics of this blend other than it feels like new energies have been given by the plant kingdom to support us as we move through these times. Bach was a man of the 1920s and 1930s and whilst some argue the relevance is no longer there because of time passed, I would argue that the plants themselves have not changed. They are just vibrating more intensely, as is the planet. It was curious that Bach did not see the need for a Nettle flower essence given it abundance in Europe and this was one of the first to be birthed by Naturally Herbal to support people with their sense of self and holding space for self and others with grace and integrity.

Dosage: 2 drops in water once daily for several days as your body adapts to these new frequencies. Then 2 drops in water up to 4 times daily then 4 drops in water 4 times daily. Be guided by your body's reaction to this blend. Do not go hard and fast - allow your body to adapt as it chooses.

Flower essences in Brandy and Spring Water: 

Queensland Kauri, White Manuka, Pink Manuka, Nettle.

Gill often uses Flower Essence blends for individual clients and is often the starting point for any naturopathic treatment plan to help clear and support changes. Gentle enough to use with children and pets, Flower Essence blends are another wonderful way nature provides her support and love.

CUSTOM BLENDS - this is my passion so if you are interested, send us an email to info@naturallyherbal.co.nz. Individual Consult and personailsed blend is $55.00 plus shipping. I do take these to markets too, so if I am able I can make one there and then.

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