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Do you find yourself saying, “But I’ve tried everything and still I can’t …….”?

Can’t lose weight, can’t find more energy, can’t sleep, can’t exercise, can’t concentrate, can’t cope with work/family/kids/mother-in-law ........ whatever name your particular challenge.

What if there’s another way?
One that doesn’t rely on you pushing yourself, using up your precious adrenaline stores, psyching yourself up to face your challenges, forcing positive thinking.  And when it’s all said and done and nothing changes, beating yourself up for yet again not achieving.

What if I said – it is all within you. All the answers you need are really within you, we just haven’t found the right key to help you move forward.

There are 100s and 1000s of wellness strategies on the web and in bookstores. Countless opinions. Do this. Don’t do that. Sleep this way. Eat that way. Exercise, Exercise, Exercise. You’ve probably tried many of them.

I’ll let you into a secret – if it was that simple there would be no need for wellness “gurus”, or supplement or dietary companies, or lifestyle influencers. Results would come easily, naturally and without spending huge amounts of money. There would be no need for the myriad of strategies and opinions out there.

It’s not in the “doing” that people miss the wellness mark. It’s knowing what is right for them, at the right time and most importantly their why. 

Let me help.

Degree qualified and Registered Naturopath and Medical Herbalist and with a lifetime of experience trying various modalities and strategies and finding partial answers, I bring you questioning, clear questioning, to help you focus and uncover for yourself your why and what works for you.

Strategies work when they align with your clear motivation and understanding to achieve your goals.

My role – to help you find those strategies that match your needs, your goals, your personality, your lifestyle and most importantly, your why.

If this resonates with you, then get in touch today.

The Consultation Process

In person consults are at 11 York Street, Parnell, Auckland or Online zoom calls are 60 minutes of focussed, clear questioning on your current health, lifestyle and desired outcomes. The questions may seem odd or random but they help me build up a picture of who you are and how best to help.  You will get honesty, authenticity, integrity as well as a great sense of fun - laughter is often the best medicine.

A detailed treatment plan including any herbal or supplement recommendations is drafted and presented to you.

A 30 minute follow up is scheduled 3 to 4 weeks later to find out how you are going and what improvements/changes you have noticed for yourself.

And that might be all it takes – there again, for more deep seated situations, several follow ups may be needed and the treatment plan amended to reflect progress.

Terms and Conditions for all Naturopathic Consultations:


All appointments are by prior arrangement, In person at 11 York Street, Parnell, Auckland or online via zoom. Please book online or email to schedule an appointment.

Payment is in advance with online payment. 

Cancellation/postponement requires 24 hours notice, payment will be transferred to the new date.


Mondays 2pm to 7pm, Thursday 10am to 3.30pm. Book online. Other times may be available on request. Please email

To find out more about Naturopathy visit Naturopaths and Medical Herbalists New Zealand   


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