Ointment - Arnica

Naturally Herbal



Traditionally used to support the body’s natural response to physical shock or trauma and help aid the recovery process from bruises, sprained tissues and muscles after falls, sports injuries, muscle ache from exercise or gardening. It has also been known to help alleviate pain in sore joints including hands, knees, feet.

Ingredients : Arnica montana (Arnica) infused Olea europaea (Olive Oil), Euphorbia antisyphilitica (Candelilla) Wax.

Application: External Use only. DO NOT APPLY TO BROKEN OR BLEEDING SKIN

Apply sparingly -  2 x daily to affected area. 

All ointments have a best before date – efficacy of ointments after this may decrease.

Contra Indications:

  • Do NOT use in pregnancy or breast feeding unless under the guidance of naturopath or qualified medical herbalist.
  • If on other medications, please consult your medical practitioner or naturopath before using.
  • If skin irritation arises as result of using ointment, cease use immediately.  Seek professional healthcare advice.
  • Not for long term use.


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