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Flower Essences and these strange times

It has been said that the flower essences created by Edward Bach in the 1930s have no resonance for these turbulent times, almost 100 years later. I doubt the plants, if they could talk, would be of this opinion. The Rescue Remedy today is just as vital as in Dr Bach’s day. Perhaps it is we who need re-tuning for indeed the plants do “speak” – it is we who have become deafened to hear. If we are to heal Planet Earth, the macrocosm, it starts with the microcosm. Ourselves. “Listen...

August 25, 2020

Castile Soap and Naturally Herbal

Castile soap, pronounced “kas-teel”, is rooted in the traditions of the Eastern Mediterranean where Aleppo soap makers made hard cleansing bars out of laurel oil and lye. Laurel oil is derived from the aromatic Laurus nobilis, an evergreen tree with green, glossy leaves native to Syria.  To this day, the origins of Aleppo soap remain unclear. Claims that the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra and Queen Zenobia of Syria used Aleppo soap abound. The common belief is that the Crusaders brought Alepp...

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