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When it all gets a bit much - what do you do?

You may think, “How can she even think about writing this at such a busy time of year? Doesn’t she know my life right now?”, but the notion of self-care under duress has been a key feature of my journey this year.Never before have I been so challenged, repeatedly, over 14 months starting with being in an earthquake in Taupo, my very first here in New Zealand.Health challenges, accidents, injuries, domestic violence literally on the doorstep, separations, loss of friendships, war and threat...

December 6, 2023

Nettle and Obsidian Raw Orgonite Pyramids

A collaboration of Flower Essences created by Naturally Herbal and Orgonite Pyramids by Raw Orgonite – a friendship birthing new creations for the support and wellbeing of those who seek to change energy patterns in and around them.Nettle Flower Essence – a plant that stands separately from others, reviewed as a nuisance except when needed for the minerals contained within for tea, tincture and even soups. Spend sometime with the plant and you might see more about her. Prickly looking leaves...

July 27, 2023

Castile Soap Recipes - Natural Self and Homecare products with Castile

Face Wash 120ml Naturally Herbal Castile Liquid soap4 tablespoons jojoba oil (available at pharmacies and healthstores)15 drops tea tree essential oil (or lavender essential oil) - optional Funnel Naturally Herbal Castile Soap and jojoba oil into a glass bottle with a pump. Add the tea tree oil (if using) and shake to combine. To use – pump a small amount onto your palm and rub hands together and apply to a wet face. Gently remove with damp cloth. Shake bottle before each use to re-c...

May 5, 2023

Feeling Stuck? What horses and trauma informed yoga have taught me recently.

A few weeks back I wrote about horses, the language of horses and the gifts and insights these magnificent animals can offer if only we stop, look, listen and move with them rather than forcing them to be as we say or do. This has been my own personal journey this year – connecting with nature under times of immense upheaval and uncertainty in family dynamics. The horses’ herd shelters, supports and walks alongside those who are in need – be they young, old, weak or injured. The herd ...

April 21, 2023

Sparkle, Sparkle. Shiny, Shiny - Pyramids

Sparkle and Energy - Organite Pyramids from Rawgonite (Raw Orgonite & Crystals | Linktree) Sparkle, Sparkle. Shiny, Shiny. Who doesn’t love a bit of fairy dust and sparkle? You will often find me standing outside the new Jimmy Choo shop in Auckland, entranced with all that glitters. The little girl inside of me is in rapture at so much sparkle! And the same could be said of my first encounter with these little pyramids in June 2022 at Titirangi Village Market. I was mesmerised and a tad overwh...

July 18, 2022

Staying Grounded - when the world is a little challenging!

Ok, confession – I was not expecting this. We created, for fun, an Activated Charcoal Castile Soap like our Pure and Herbal Castile soap cubes along with French Green Clay. I’ll admit, Activated Charcoal has not been a best seller (Calendula and Pure) and several have languished in our market box. Having just finished the French Clay – which I love for its creamy texture, I thought to take out an Activated Charcoal and try it. Boy, I wish I had done so sooner! Why? First, let me explain t...

April 6, 2022

Flower Essences and these strange times

It has been said that the flower essences created by Edward Bach in the 1930s have no resonance for these turbulent times, almost 100 years later. I doubt the plants, if they could talk, would be of this opinion. The Rescue Remedy today is just as vital as in Dr Bach’s day. Perhaps it is we who need re-tuning for indeed the plants do “speak” – it is we who have become deafened to hear. If we are to heal Planet Earth, the macrocosm, it starts with the microcosm. Ourselves. “Listen...

August 25, 2020

Castile Soap and Naturally Herbal

Castile soap, pronounced “kas-teel”, is rooted in the traditions of the Eastern Mediterranean where Aleppo soap makers made hard cleansing bars out of laurel oil and lye. Laurel oil is derived from the aromatic Laurus nobilis, an evergreen tree with green, glossy leaves native to Syria.  To this day, the origins of Aleppo soap remain unclear. Claims that the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra and Queen Zenobia of Syria used Aleppo soap abound. The common belief is that the Crusaders brought Alepp...

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